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What Members Say

The years of the Coalition, 1988 on, saved my life, and that of my children, and our mental health, in so many ways - that it is almost impossible to put into words the impact that you have had --on so many families, not only mine.
The stress of divorce and abandonment can easily drive families to destruction very quickly.  Not knowing the law, the processes of the legal system, combined with financial and emotional deprivation, put people at risk, and produce life- long after-effects.  Children traumatized at an early age often do not recover, and I feel that the efforts of the Coalition saved the mental health of my family.
PH, Bennington, Vermont

I attended the Coalition meeting yesterday and I just want to tell you how impressed I am with it. Seriously, you are helping so many people, that are in need. I had a horrible experience in Family Court and was treated like dirt and when a member of the Coalition was at my side my luck changed after 5 years and suddenly a major decision was made in my favor.

BO, Mamaroneck, New York


The Coalition is a life preserver. The sooner you can get involved with this organization, the better and my only regret was not having been involved sooner. It does not mater how affluent you are, how educated you are, how poor you are or how uneducated you are, my experience with the Coalition for Family Justice has been, that this organization  can help you so society, your children and you can benefit from your life if you are in a divorce or custody conflict.  The Coalition for Family Justice is necessary for society and for our children. Without the Coalition, children our greatest resources lose. I appreciate all the Coalition has done for me and my children, who will hopefully never know the inside of a courtroom as children, thank you.

SP, Scarsdale, New York                                  

Thank you for the excellent work the Coalition does. The impacts that the Coalition makes are: good counsel and direction towards resources to edify emotional scars; while gaining wisdom on personal and legal improvement with protocol.

DT, Tuckahoe, New York


Thanks for all your knowledge and support. Just after a meeting, I sleep a little better at night. I feel as if you are my “Guardian Angel.”

LN, Harrison, New York


Yesterday’s meeting confirmed what we really knew-that your organization is so desperately needed by women from all over who are suffering such horrendous abuse by the courts. It is so comforting to know that they can come to you and you really advise them so wisely and so compassionately.

CT, Brooklyn, New York

Thank you for being a “guardian angel” to me and so many others.

LC, New York, New York


Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for your unending support during this most difficult time in my life. Your wonderful Christmas Party was a gift to so many. Your encouraging spirit, phone calls, concern and multiple kindnesses are appreciated more than words can express. The Coalition is to be commended for all that it does not only for individuals and families. Its efforts to change the current legal system to what hopefully will be a new and improved equitable institution will serve humanity on the highest level.

ES, Briarcliff Manor, New York


Thank you for all the wisdom shared at the May Coalition meeting. I really wish I had come to Coalition meetings before I had signed a retainer agreement. It’s hard to make good decisions when you are served with papers by your spouse and realize that you are totally responsible for the future of your children. I hope other people come to your meetings and benefit from listening: before they take action. Thank you again for all the work that you do.

LH, Mamaroneck, New York          


Can’t thank you enough for all of your support, hard work and loyalty that you showed me. I cannot express the gratitude to you…sometimes I feel so alone: as if it’s me against the world...

SL, Westchester, New York                                                                  

I am so grateful the Coalition exists. There is such a great need for its services. I  wholeheartedly applaud all of your collective efforts.
AA, Princeton, New Jersey               

You have a wonderful organization. Your knowledge of the courts and procedures, and the people to contact when a situation is out of realm, is invaluable.  But most importantly the sense of camaraderie and compassion which comes from most people who attend the Coalition meetings made me feel there were people other than my own family and friends who cared about what happened to my son and myself. You will always have my support and praise. Thank you so much.  

DS, Bronx, New York


Thank you for the support you gave me during my time of need. The entire atmosphere changed the day a court watcher from the Coalition came to court with me, including the behavior of the Judge and my own attorney. Your support provided the strength that enabled me to help another woman and go to court with her. Thank you again for your continued support.         

LZ, Westchester, New York


Thank you for the wonderful support and services you provide. You were that shelter from the storm when it was needed.

DB, Rockland, New York

You were so incredible on Sunday. You paid individual attention to each and everyone at the meeting.  Everyone was equally important to you,  

SM, Westchester, New York     

I appreciate you and the work you are doing. I feel much more peace and confidence knowing what you have done for me.

SB, Westchester, New York


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your organization is one which helps countless people who have no where else to turn. May God bless you and keep you functioning at the strongest level possible.

GS, New York, New York


As a self-help service organization, The Coalition for Family Justice is invaluable to New Yorkers and I am also in wholehearted support of their goals. The Coalition is also kindling the kind of smart grass-roots activism needed to achieve long–term reform. Municipal government is limited in its role on this issue and is compassion and justice back into the matrimonial system. This promises to be a major challenge and the Coalition will need all the help it can get.

Mark Greene

Consumer Affairs Commissioner of

New York City (1990-1993)

Past Democratic Candidate for  

New York City Mayor                                                                                 


Having been through the Family Court System I can speak from experience and counsel people that it is an adversarial system. The Coalition for Family Justice is available to help people navigate through what can be a very costly process both financially and emotionally. Their motives are purely altruistic and are a valuable resource for people who find themselves in need of the intervention of the Family Courts. I have received assistance in the form of court watchers and a network of people who offered encouragement along the way. Having witnessed first hand the horrors of incompetent and apathetic law guardians it would have been very beneficial had I come across the CFJ prior to becoming involved in litigation. I am optimistic that I have finally seen the last of the inside of a court room and am eternally grateful to the Coalition for Family Justice for all their support.

AM, Westchester, New York


I cannot thank the coalition and you, Monica, enough for all the help given to me and my children. I wish I became involved with the coalition much earlier in my striving for custody of my children from their alcoholic mother. It took more than four years to get custody of my daughters awarded to me and this would not have ever happened without the help of the Coalition. I hope the Coalition will continue with its good work giving the kind of help not available anywhere else.

LB, Irvington, New York

I am so grateful for your organization. I don’t know how I could have survived this divorce without all your help and the wonderfully generous support  of your volunteers. There really is no organization like this where someone like I can go to and trust that the information I get is in my best interest.       

JS, Irvington , New York


I am compelled to express to you my deepest gratitude fro having provided a most I impressive forum for the many individuals such as myself, who have a great need for the services of the Coalition For Family Justice.  I understand that you founded this great organiztion and have nurtured it throughout the years. What a great contribution , indeed. I attended one of your sessions for the first time last Sunday, October 4,2009 and left with many thoughts and feelings, the most satisfying  being that there really are decent, good and honorable people left in this world. It was so reassuring to know that others has had similar, though perhaps far worse experiences that I, in our so called justice system. I just wanted to thank you personally for all that you do. May your earthly reward be the “ peace of mind” to end each day with.

NA, Pearl River, New York

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